Hitting The Big Time / Comment Spam

Hitting The Big Time / Comment Spam
Over the years that I’ve been an active blog reader, I’ve noticed that one of the signs of a blog “hitting the big time” is when the author is forced to turn on comment moderation and other tools to prevent comment spam.

Well, looks like I’ve hit the big time, because starting last night, I got hit with a string of comment spam! I’ve turned on the CAPTCHA verification to prevent it.

Alas, this will add an extra five seconds to the time it takes to post your comments, but I hope that won’t dissuade you!

4 thoughts on “Hitting The Big Time / Comment Spam

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  2. Good one, Gabe. But I seem to get mostly web hosting and gamer spam.

  3. I actually copied that verbatim from some comment spam my friend got before he turned on word verification. Didn’t have the dedication to make the links functional, though.

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