You Have A Friendly Face

I have a friendly face. My wife says that it’s because I grew up in California rather than New York, and this missed out on developing the instinctive scowl that New Yorkers wear.

Panhandlers and solicitors never fail to approach me, sensing an easy mark. Children wave. Even the animals seem to know.

But when I go out for a walk with my dog and my 2-year-old daughter, watch out! A simple stroll around the block inevitably turns into an hour-long odyssey with 4-5 separate conversations. Just today, we:

  • Met Maggie, a 7-week-old golden retriever
  • Talked with a kindly great-grandmother of three about her great-grandkids in Colorado
  • Met Jake, a 6-year-old labrador mix from the pound
  • Played with Kobe’s friend Piper, a three-year-old golden retriever

Who needs social networking when you’ve got a friendly face, a gorgeous dog, and a cute little baby?

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