Don’t Be An Asshole

Schadenfreude may be ugly, but it’s reality.

As you know, Apple is in a bit of a pickle with the SEC and Nasdaq, and may even be delisted. Having friends and people who like you might come in handy right now for Steve Jobs. FakeSteve points out with this fake note from Bill Gates to Steve Jobs:

Well, good luck, man. You know everyone in the industry is rooting for you, cause you’ve been so nice to everyone over the years. Really. We’ve all got your back, bro.

Nobody rides high forever, not even Steve Jobs or Bill Gates. People have long memories, and if you’re an asshole to them, they’ll always be happy to return the favor.

1 thought on “Don’t Be An Asshole

  1. Awesome.

    Speaking of people who AREN’T assholes, you were very much missed at today’s Junto.

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