Why Posts Are Easier To Manage Than Emails

I was struck this morning by how much faster I can process posts in my feedreader than I can emails in my inbox.

Part of this is the fact that most posts are not directly addressed to me, and don’t require a specific response, but that isn’t the whole story.

For me, the key factors are:

1) Posts are archived on the Web, so I don’t have to make a keep/delete decision

2) Responses are automatically threaded via comments, so I don’t have to worry about linking responses to posts

3) del.icio.us allows me to tag the posts I consider particularly interesting, and the process is much quicker than placing copies of an email into different folders.

I know that with desktop search, I can achieve many of the same things, but I’ve never found it that useful.

What are your experiences?

2 thoughts on “Why Posts Are Easier To Manage Than Emails

  1. I agree with the first two, but I still find tagging a longer process than moving an email to a new folder.

    My overarching philosophy is I am trying to eliminate email that doesn’t require a response. I want all that via RSS. When I do eamil I want to be focused on responding, not simply reading.

  2. Tagging takes longer than moving an email to a folder, but less time than placing copies of one email in several folders.

    Agree that it would behoove newsletters etc. to be delivered via RSS.

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