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I’m not a VC, but I’ve always wanted to do one of those postings about one of “my” portfolio companies.

As it turns out, thanks to a ready supply of entrepreneurial friends I do have my own portfolio of startup investments (although the amounts I invest have 3-4 fewer zeros than your typical VC), and some of them are looking for great people.

One of these investments is Siteler, which provides on-site services like car washes to the employees of companies like Google. Siteler is growing gangbusters, rated as highly as Southwest Airlines in customer satisfaction, and recently raised a first round of funding from Tugboat Ventures.

The two founders are looking to bring on their first business hires. Mike and Tom are great guys, and these are great opportunities for recent grads.

Senior Marketing and Product Manager
You will report directly to our Co-CEOs, and be responsible for crafting and executing our marketing efforts. You will study and refine our understanding of our customers, hone our products, and lead our marketing programs.

New Partner Acquisition Team Manager (traditionally known as Sales Operations)
You will report directly to the Co-CEOs, and be responsible for managing and refining our highly successful, proprietary sales process, from lead generation to close of sale. You will use your creativity and analytics to drive innovation and efficiency into every aspect of this process.

Interested parties should send their resume to employment@sitelerwash.com.

4 thoughts on “Portfolio Company Jobs

  1. Jackie D

    The marketing role sounds so fun! Tempting…

  2. Funny that you have the same last name as one of the founders. (wink)

  3. Ironically enough, Tom and I are not related (though I would like him to be, since he will soon be very rich, and if he were my brother, I could borrow his private jet).

    Ponder this for a second: I am aware of 4 other Chris Yehs in Silicon Valley. So if you think you know who I am, there’s an 80% chance that you’re wrong.

  4. I just figured that Tom had a brother named Chris. Wow! I don’t know any other Chris Neumanns in the bay area! I’m also a siteler investor, BTW, but through Mike.

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