Book Summary: “Satisfaction: The Science of True Fulfillment”

The latest book I’ve finished is “Satisfaction: The Science of True Fulfillment.”

As you’ve probably realized by now, I’m a sucker for any book that combines science and the pursuit of happiness. Satisfaction delivers by examining the biochemical underpinnings of satisfaction. Here’s the quick summary. If you want more, visit the Book Outlines Wiki and check out my full outline.

Satisfaction comes from the combination of experiencing novelty (which stimulates the release of dopamine), with enough challenge to induce cortisol release, while still maintaining a sense of control. (Editor’s note: This is very similar to the concept of flow, but provides some of the biochemical underpinnings for why the theory works).

You can experience happiness or pleasure without working for it, but you cannot experience satisfaction. Winning the lottery may make you happy, but you will not feel satisfied unless you use the money in some way that provides novelty and challenge.

2 thoughts on “Book Summary: “Satisfaction: The Science of True Fulfillment”

  1. Justin K

    You meant HappYness? LOL.

    Have you seen that movie? It was panned by the critics but I thought it was pretty inspirational – I’m sure a lot of it was puffed up, but nevertheless.

  2. I haven’t seen the movie, but having read about the real story behind it, it sounds like it is close to 100% true. He really was a homeless single father when he was in the Dean Witter training program.

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