Newsflash: Pay Good Teachers More

A new study by education researchers concludes that the best way to improve the quality of teaching is to pay teachers more. And to pay good teachers even more.

Critics aren’t so sure, notably teacher’s unions. They warn that merit-pay systems are notoriously subjective and unreliable.”

I guess that’s why companies like General Electric, McKinsey, and Google rely on seniority-based pay.

Anyone who can provide a reason why the teacher’s union leaders should not be drawn and quartered, please speak up.

2 thoughts on “Newsflash: Pay Good Teachers More

  1. Why would we ever want our schools to be as obviously unsuccessful as GE or Google or Mckinsey?

    Consider the fabolously successful model that has proven one thing time and again. School is meant to prepare kids for work and the most common complaint of business is kids can’t write.

    I got a huge laugh out of this post.

  2. Having once work for a senator who headed the insurance and the education committees on Calif I can attest, first hand that the ed. lobby was more ruthless than liquor, race track, tobacco….enough said. Reforming education (and healthcare) will take concerted, strategic work by leaders in all sectors of our society

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