I Love Jott/God Bless the Internet

Many of my friends have heard me use the phrase, “God bless the Internet” when it comes to the incredible variety of free and useful services available today.

One of the services that I’ve been digging the most recently is Jott. (Disclosure: I am not an investor in Jott. I am not an employee of Jott. I don’t know anyone at Jott. I don’t even think I know any of the investors. In other words, this is a completely unbiased plug!)

What Jott does is simple: Once you set up a Jott account, you can call the special Jott telephone line, and leave yourself a brief (~15 seconds) message. Jott automatically converts your message into text and emails it to you (though you can log into their Web site to listen to a recording). That’s it.

The reason I find Jott so incredibly useful is that I do so much of my thinking in the car, or on the move. While I have a digital voice recorder to leave notes to self (a la Norm MacDonald), the effort required to actually replay the messages and transcribe them leaves them languishing in the car for weeks, or even months.

Jott takes my thoughts and puts them in the most easily usable form–email. It’s free, it’s simple, and it’s reliable. I have no idea how on Earth they’ll manage to make money (untargeted audio ads don’t seem like a reliable revenue stream), so all I can say is…God bless the Internet!

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