Death to Blog Widgets!

Is it just me, or is the profusion of blog widgets going to turn the entire Web into an uglier version of MySpace? Here’s a business idea for you entrepreneurs out there–how about a FireFox plugin that strips all the frickin’ widgets out of the blogs you visit. And don’t tell me to use an RSS reader–I still have to visit the damned posts when I want to comment!

6 thoughts on “Death to Blog Widgets!

  1. >I still have to visit the damned posts when I want to comment!

    ooooh. do you? there’s a businesses (or, more likely, a feature) that needs to be started…commenting directly from the RSS readers without having to go to the original blog. hmm…….

  2. Anonymous

    too much noise.

    blogging will soon go the way of the dinosaur though.

  3. The thing is, it seems, is that the people who are using it most are the ones spitting these widgets out.

    I think there is so much more opportunity to look at who isn’t in the blogosphere to get them in than to look at who is and try to get them better known.

    Ahhh, the ego, how fun a tool it can be.

  4. Uglier than Myspace? Is it possible?

  5. Or, the flip-side is to only publish well designed or easier (and better) customized, widgets. Unfortunately, we’ve seen (thanks to myspace) the design capabilities (or even cares) of the general public are severely lacking.

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