Why Blog Famous Isn’t Real Famous

In case you are ever tempted to mistake blog fame for real fame, read this Bill Simmons column on riding through South Beach with NBA journeyman Damon Jones during Superbowl week:

As we started our drive down Ocean, Damon called it “the most entertaining street in America.” And since he’s played for eight different NBA teams, he would know. We cruised along at a slow pace, with people occasionally screaming out “DJ!” or “Damon” or even “Wassup boi!” at him.

Jones has never made an All-Star team, won a championship, or even averaged 12 points per game.

Now imagine that Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, and Jason Calacanis were cruising through South Beach in a black Escalade. Would anyone have a frakking clue who they were?

Bonus: Nude photos of Scoble and Pirillo. Not embedded to protect the children.

4 thoughts on “Why Blog Famous Isn’t Real Famous

  1. Oh, man, you’ve hurt my feelings. Are you saying it’s not enough that I recognize you? 🙂

  2. I’d much rather have you recognize me than some random dude in South Beach. I believe in quality, not quantity. But Access Hollywood won’t be staking out my house anytime soon.

  3. I’m blog famous? Does that get me a discount at Starbucks? Heheh.

  4. Robert,

    No discount at Starbucks, but you do get to cut in line at Fry’s!

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