Why I’m Not A Blogger

I may have a blog, but I’m not a blogger.

When they put me on CNN after some horrible crime spree, they probably won’t label me “Disgruntled Blogger.”

Ben* will be labeled as a blogger (unless they label him “Boy Genius”). Ramit will be labeled as a blogger (and a major pimp). Jackie will definitely be labeled as a blogger.

(For bonus points, add your own comment speculating on what kind of crime spree each of these friends is most likely to commit)

I’m a fast writer (anyone else out there write a white paper in 27 minutes?), but I just can’t keep up. And I can’t even imagine how someone like Violet manages to churn out amazing prose several times a day!

The pressure is enormous. And I’ve already got too many white hairs.

So I’m waving the white flag, guys. I surrender. I’ll do whatever you want. Just don’t call me a blogger.

* Hey Ben, fix yer damn site so I can link to you, will ya?

1 thought on “Why I’m Not A Blogger

  1. Ben must be switching servers, his domain status is “pending transfer”.

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