Iran To 300: Drop Dead

Iran’s government and top officials are complaining bitterly about the movie 300, which they see as an attack on Persian history.

They feel that the comic book flick portrays them as decadent, evil, and sexually deviant. Come to think of it, I can’t really blame them for being upset–essentially, the filmmakers spent two hours of screen time depicting their ancestors as the ancient equivalent of Andy Dick.

That being said, running a headline like “Hollywood declares war on Iranians” does seem a bit over the top….

6 thoughts on “Iran To 300: Drop Dead

  1. It’s okay, at least in America most people don’t even know Persians and Iranians have something in common.

  2. At this point, I’m not even sure that a majority of school children know that the United States used to be part of Great Britain.

  3. I’m married to a Persian and have many Persian friends. We all know “300” is way off the mark in terms of historical accuracy (heck, much of the history of that battle is even cloudy). But… 300 was one heck of a great movie. The photography was stunning. Filmed mostly between 50 and 150fps, the live action and CGI make for one very thrilling ride. If it offends people, that’s unfortunate. No one likes to do that. But, hopefully, it won’t be viewed too negatively. And, as Alex noted, the generally poor quality of our country’s collective world-view suggests most won’t make the connection between Persian and modern-day Iran.

  4. 300 definitely sounds like an awesome movie to me. But I do respect the right of Iranians to be offended. If the French made a movie about the decadence and evil of Americans, I’d be a bit ticked myself.

  5. I agree that the movie does have a few specific things that even got me as an American a little bit riled up. They talked about their fight, “against mysticism.” Wait, weren’t the Greeks as polytheistic as it gets? This white apparently Christian victory over the ethnic mystics is pretty rediculous, and while it isn’t America declaring war on anybody (didn’t we already do that with the Axis of Evil?), I can see why Iran would be annoyed.

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