Sequoia Companies = 10% of Nasdaq’s Market Cap?

Songbird, the browser/music player hybrid, recently took money from Sequoia. Tucked away on their web site is the jaw-dropper:

Sequoia Capital, has been the investor and business partner in companies that make up over 10% of NASDAQ’s value.

Assuming that this is true, it’s no wonder that all the entrepreneurs I talk with dream of taking money from Sequoia. Their recent successes have pulled them ahead of long-time rival Kleiner Perkins in the mindshare battle.

5 thoughts on “Sequoia Companies = 10% of Nasdaq’s Market Cap?

  1. google + yahoo + Apple + EA = ~5% ?

  2. They’re probably also counting companies like eBay, which acquired PayPal.

  3. So, by this logic, I’m responsible for funding the entire S&P 500, since I own an S&P mutual fund? And what does that say about the Wilshire 5000 mutual that I also own in my Roth IRA?

    Of course, nobody ever accused big VC funds of understating their importance…

  4. Anonymous

    Forget about eBay; Sequoia legitimately funded Oracle, Cisco, Flextronics, NVIDIA, Network Appliance, Linear Technology – aggregate market cap of these is nearly $300 billion, more than Google + Yahoo + Apple+ EA…

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