The T-Mobile Update

Thank you, Consumerist. After posting my complaint, I quickly received a call from the executive office telling me that T-Mobile would credit my account the full amount of the spurious overage charge.

My one criticism is that the executive escalation representative tried hard to make me feel guilty about accepting the concession–if you’re going to be paying anyways, why not do so graciously, and in a manner designed to elicit goodwill, rather than grudgingly at blogpoint?

No matter, the point is that T-Mobile responded quickly and decisively to keep me as a customer. Verizon and Cingular, take note!

4 thoughts on “The T-Mobile Update

  1. Jeremy Milton

    I am not the world’s kindest person, but I do agree that people should live with both grace and dignity.

    By the way … Congratulations on getting through to T-Mobile!

  2. +1 for “blogpoint”

  3. I am currently experiencing difficulties with T-Mobile as well. Two months ago I requested my text messaging plan be upgraded to unlimited. The rep confirmed the upgrade and two months later, my auto bill pay says I’m being charged ~$300 in overage charges with another month of the same overage charges on the way. Reps refuse to credit my account stating they have no records in tier 1 and tier 2 of their reps and now I am waiting for their superior to call me back. I filed a report with the BBB and am pretty livid right now. But seeing your favorable outcome gives me some hope as I have been a loyal customer since 2002 and this is just ridiculous to think that a customer would foolishly spend $600 in overage charges if they do not believe they have the service already.

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