AiC Contest: Free Economist Subscription

Loyal readers:

As you know, I’m a big fan of The Economist. Each December, I renew my subscription. It causes me a bit of pain, because it is so expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.

This year, as I looked at the renewal form, I noticed that one of my options was to give a free gift subscription to a friend.

Alas, most of my friends have subscriptions already, but it occurred to me that some of you might not.

Therefore, I’m announcing the first annual Adventures in Capitalism free Economist contest. The reader who executes the most effective program to boost AiC readership (and then posts the results as a comment to this post) gets a free subscription to The Economist.

I’ll be the sole judge of the entries, though I will pay attention to comments by other readers. I’ll be curious to see what develops!

4 thoughts on “AiC Contest: Free Economist Subscription

  1. Well.. For starters you could post about it on Twitter, I notice you have an account there but haven’t posted in 4 months..

    PS: found your blog because of this post: Ustream may be open, they do not seem to offer an API to implement live video into VidBlaster (my most recent app) and do not reply to my emails. Looking for a more cooperative alternative, I found the blogTV vs Ustream post..

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    I really enjoy reading your blog and good luck on increasing your readership.

  3. This is a challenge i’m willing to take..

    I read the economist usually on international flights because its’ dryness usually helps me get some sleep (12 page foreign policy articles?!) but i’d i’d be honored to have a free subscription rather than buying it from “Hudson Gift & News” at LAX.

    Btw, the traffic wont be coming only from my properties. If you need to know the sources, i’ll let you know.

    Great exercise in traffic control.

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