More Reasons Why Blogger Sucks

Hey Google guys, I hope you’re listening, because this product sucks. If anything, it seems to be less reliable than when it was being run by Ev on a couple of leftover servers.

1) Your image insertion stinks. Every time I insert an image, it goes to the top of the post, and messes up the spacing on the rest of the post.

2) Whenever I correct the spacing, if I have to re-submit for publishing, it gets messed up again.

3) Your CAPTCHA never works the first time. Literally. It never does. See, just happened again.

Seriously guys, are you even trying?

4 thoughts on “More Reasons Why Blogger Sucks

  1. Chris, any reason you haven’t moved to WordPress or Tumblr? Both products are simple, obviously Tumblr winning out on the ease of use and simplicity side. However, with WordPress 2.2, you can import directly from blogger (here) which is a great feature and might win out over Tumblr.

    Google is great, but blogger does not follow suit!


  2. Jason,

    Good tip on WordPress. Would my existing feed readers be able to continue receiving their subscriptions?

  3. I just switched away from blogger as well. Why I switched and why I picked Squarespace as the alternative you can read here.

    If you use feedburner for your feeds you can switch that. Otherwise there isn’t an automatic switch, but note that you can just post a message on your Blogger account that says you’ve switched.

    It’s worth it!

    P.S. No I’m not some shill for Squarespace. I work at the company I founded. I really do like it.

  4. Yes, yes, YES! The image insertion is shit. I just spent about an hour and a half fighting with it. I know this is an old post but it was one of the first things that came up when I typed in "Why does blogger suck?"

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