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My first set of questions and answers are now up on AskTheHarvardMBA.com. Here’s a quick preview:

Should an aspiring entrepreneur take a part-time job?

The danger in keeping your job, or taking a part-time job, is that you’ll end up neglecting your startup, but in my experience, an aspiring entrepreneur who can’t maintain his or her focus while working a part-time job probably doesn’t have the discipline it takes to be a successful entrepreneur.

Where can I find the best real estate bargains on single family homes?

Armed with these principles in mind, there’s a simple way to find housing markets that are truly bargains. What you’ll need are historical data on housing prices, transaction volumes, median income, and median rent. The ideal time to buy is when:
* Transaction volumes are rising rapidly
* The ratio of home prices to incomes is historically low
* The ratio of home prices to rents is historically low

What should I say when a job interviewer asks me to name my weaknesses?

Both you and the interviewer should be trying to figure out if you are the company’s type, and if the company is your type.

That’s why it’s important that interviewers ask about weaknesses, and that you provide an honest and thoughtful answer. If you abhor math, and the sight of Excel gives you hives, it’s probably not a good idea for Goldman Sachs to hire you. Conversely, it’s probably not a good idea for you to apply for a job there.

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  1. Thanks for the great advice, I think any first-time homebuyer can benefit from it. Not to mention, any seasoned buyer can benefit from the reminders. Thanks again!

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