Wacky Business of the Week: De Sade Consulting

Most of the time, if you have a nasty job to do, you have to pay someone well to do it. Garbagemen are very well paid. So are plumbers.
There is, however, one exception.
As we’ve recently seen, plenty of wealthy professional men seem willing to pay dominatrices to humiliate them (something the men charge dearly for in their professional lives.)
Why not combine work and pleasure in a profitable way?
De Sade Consulting would tackle the most difficult and unpleasant consulting jobs. Messy reengineering project? Hideously complicated discounted cash flow analysis? Never fear, just call in DSC, and soon our harsh mistresses will have our submissives…er, consultants delivering the answer at whip-point.
I can see the advertising already: “Why pay for McKinsey, when you can hire a McKinsey partner through De Sade Consulting at half the price?”
And, since DSC would be raking in the bucks from clients on both sides of the equation, it would be wildly profitable, with *negative* compensation costs.
Anyone want to try to start this?
(hat tip to Jackie Danicki for sparking this latest round of madness)

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