Exploit eBay To Cheaply Reach Your Target Market

Seth Godin highlights a great marketing idea in his latest post:
What if your new rock group appeals to fans of the B52s? Or if your new book is just perfect for people who like Brad Meltzer? If you have a CD or a book or an idea that will appeal to a certain psychographic, it might not be so easy to reach just those people. Dave came up with a super idea: go buy a bunch of B52s CDs. Then list them (brand new!) for sale on Amazon and eBay. Price them ridiculously low, like a dollar. The only people who are going to buy a copy are focused fans. Then, when you ship out the CD, include your new CD in the box as well. You’ve reached exactly the right people (purchasers! who spent money! who are fans!) at exactly the right moment. Why not include two or three in the box? Fans know fans, and they like spreading the good stuff around.I love it. You’re exploiting the targeted traffic available on eBay and Amazon to reach precisely the folks you want to target. Since they’re designed to harvest value from sellers based on taking a slice of revenues, it’s incredibly cheap marketing.

I’d include samples and coupons. Better yet, automatically sign them up for an affiliate program!

I’m reminded of the old story about the cowboy who led mule teams carrying bags of rocks through an enemy blockade. The puzzled soldiers would search the packs, then wave him on through.

“What are you smuggling for the resistance,” his friend asked.

The cowboy just smiled. “Mules.”

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