It’s Over: Obama Will Win The Presidency

In the words of the immortal Chick Hearn, this election is in the refrigerator.

The lights are out, the eggs are cooling, and the butter is getting hard.

The Jell-O is jiggling.

Thanks for playing, John McCain, you can now take your place with Dole (no good reason to run), Gore (inexplicably, ran as a populist), and Kerry (Dukakis-esque ineptitude) in the campaign mismanagement Hall of Fame.

Congratulations, President Obama.

InTrade may say that Obama is still at just a 57% chance of victory, but I didn’t get my reputation by making the safe calls.

8 thoughts on “It’s Over: Obama Will Win The Presidency

  1. I’ve got a whole American dollar that days you’re wrong. Wanna make it official? lol.

  2. Paul,

    It’s an official bet. Still not sure whether or not an Obama presidency is a wholly positive thing, but that question is “above my pay grade.”

  3. I, for one, welcome our new Obamic overlords.

    (One nice thing about Obama’s name is it’s so easy to make words with.)

  4. ok, I’m watching the debate and we’re not more than 5 minutes in… can I take my bet back? lol… McCain is blowing it. Bigtime. there’s not one person I know who would let this stand. So disappointing. But that’s who he is and the reason conservatives aren’t ever too happy with him.

  5. ok, so it wasn’t a blow-out, but I always want conservatives better represented, and I never get it.

    Even a little more attack would be a good thing — Like when Barack says something stupid like, “you’re President” – I want McCain to say, “the President of the United States is the President of all people’s of this nation, republican and democrat, if you choose to see it differently, that’s your perogative, but should I become President, I will be a president for everyone and not just a party” — now, that’s a populist/maverick answer, but it slams this idea that this country sucks because we’re under a republican. A ridiculous notion. I didn’t feel that way under Clinton, and won’t under Barack. If he’s president, I may not like it, but he’ll be my president.

    anyhow, not a complete wash, but I’m thinking I might lose a dollar… and with gas prices the way they are, that’s a little more than one drop of gas. 😉

  6. Paul,

    A gentleman doesn’t go back on his bets. Besides, I bet I could drive at least 2-3 miles on that dollar.

  7. You picking up any of that free money on Intrade?

  8. Eli,

    Funding an Intrade account is too much trouble…thanks to ridiculous US restrictions on online gambling, I have to send in a check or do a wire transfer. I haven’t got the time to do so.

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