Best Mortgage Crisis Video Ever (Thanks SNL)

Looks like SNL has its fastball back. The two biggest beneficiaries of this crazy year have got to be Barack Obama and SNL.

In this sketch (which I found courtesy of Auren Hoffman), SNL puts the Democrats and American people on blast for trying to shirk responsibility for the crisis. It lampoons Pelosi and Frank, and introduces us to the Americans in danger of losing their homes, like the unemployed drug addicts who are outraged that the bank now wants them to pay their subprime mortgages, or the acquisitive yuppies who have to either sell their string of 12 condos, or give up their private boat.

Again, while SNL may be subject to the proverbial liberal media bias, they clearly understand that puncturing the self-regard of hypocrites is good business…and great comedy.

2 thoughts on “Best Mortgage Crisis Video Ever (Thanks SNL)

  1. Jake K

    It always amazes me how few people know that the blame for a lot of the housing problems actually lie with Barney Frank and Christopher Dodd.

    Bush may be responsible for a lot of whats gone wrong with the country… but this housing debacle can largely be blamed on the Dem’s zealousness to get everyone to buy into a ‘home’.

  2. Anonymous

    I know about but do not care to discuss the politics of this right now. I simply want to say THANK YOU for sharing this vid! It is truly one of the funniest skits I have ever seen in my life. Hard to find on the net. Thanks again.

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