3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Rescuing the Economy

  1. Anonymous

    Of course there is a third choice — introduce a level of reasonable regulation and transparency to bolster overall confidence. Every government intervention in the marketplace is not creeping socialism. See “Roosevelt, Theodore; Franklin”


  2. There is still plenty of scholarly disagreement over the efficacy of the New Deal (and not the kind of “disagreement” that exists about creationism and evolution).

    The consensus among economists is that the government should provide a massive stimulus; but this doesn’t mean a permanently larger role for government in the economy.

  3. My bet is the Obama, et al. get it. I don’t think “the reasonable regulation and transparency” is about the New Deal. They didn’t have the tech. Plus, evidently we are going to have a Federal CTO…

    Meanwhile, it seems to be agreed that it was WWII that fixed the economy. On the other hand, the New Deal made it alot easier for regular people to get through the storm.

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