Celtics vs. Lakers Preview

Has anyone noticed that the Celtics have played a creampuff schedule to date?

By my count, they’ve played exactly three road games against teams with winning records, and one of those was against the mediocre Pistons right after the AI trade. The results?

@Houston: Narrow victory (103-99)
@Atlanta: Narrow victory (88-85)

Contrast this to the Lakers and Cavs.

The Lakers have taken on the following good teams on the road:

  • Denver, Dallas, New Orleans (twice), Phoenix, Orlando

The Lakers are 5-1 in those six games, with five convincing victories, and were an in-and-out Vujacic 3FG from a win in the Orlando game.

The Cavs have taken on the following good teams on the road:

  • Boston, New Orleans, Dallas, Atlanta, Denver

The Cavs are 2-3 in those five games, and the New Orleans game wasn’t even close.

Now it may very well be that the Celtics will waltz into LA and lay a beatdown on the Lakers. But until then, it’s pretty clear that the Celtics have had the easiest schedule of the “Big 3” teams in the NBA, and I remain skeptical.

1 thought on “Celtics vs. Lakers Preview

  1. the celtics wont go back2back this year

    go Lakers!

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