Real Touch Sex Toy: Madness, Genius, or the End of Humanity?

Genius or madness? A new sex toy (which looks like a giant peanut) promises to bring teledildonics to a new level, with sophisticated servos and controls, heating element, and lubrication tank. You hook it up to your computer and then play the on-demand videos which synch up to the device based on pre-programmed kinesthetic scripts.

The madness part is picturing people using the darn thing…to make it work, you’ve got a tangle of wires and power cords hooked up to your laptop and television. And the blase “How-To” on how to clean the inside workings of the device are pretty scary as well.

But the genius part is this–it allows you to sell sex toys on the razor/blade model. Yes, you can make money off the device itself, but you can really rake it in by selling videos (with synchronized teledildonics scripts) of people’s favorite porn stars. I can only imagine the profits of using it in conjunction with live video.

If people are willing to pay hefty subscription fees to interact with porn stars over their laptop now, just imagine the possibilities when that “interaction” takes place via sophisticated teledildonics.

I can also imagine a hefty homebrew and amateur market. Maybe instead of the standard sex tape, Real Touch sessions would become the latest craze, or simply a way for folks to relive past encounters.

Pair it up with a virtual reality helmet, and I’m pretty sure the end of the human race is nigh…at least the male half of it.

5 thoughts on “Real Touch Sex Toy: Madness, Genius, or the End of Humanity?

  1. David S.

    Great article on this device. Thank you for posting it.

  2. I saw this realtouch virtual pussy mouth thing at but i felt a little awkward -my gf was sitting next to me. I’ll be paying a second visit to see what ‘s all this fuss about…

  3. Anonymous

    Wow.. this is the first time I saw this newly invented sex toy gadget, and I found it a genius type of sex toy and it's really a madness one as well.–Rica–

  4. You should try some Huge Dildo Sex with the Titanmen Intimidator



  5. Anonymous

    Madness, and beyond capitalism. Greed. Let’s say I buy a Real Touch. The only way I can use it is with their videos and they are expensive. Lots of people know that’s a problem. But there’s a bigger issue beyond that. Let’s say the company fails or goes out of business before they open it to outside development. I would now have a $200 product that I can’t ever use again for anything. All my money would be down the drain because there’s nowhere else on the net I can use and I can’t use it by itself. Imagine if the iPod was introduced and Apple told people the only way they could listen to music was to have their iPod connected to the computer continously and stream it live from their website. No downloads. No way to keep what you pay for. No way to disconnect your iPod and use it anywhere else. No way to use it if the company folded. Nobody would have bought it and its totally understandable why not. That’s the true crux of the problem with this product. Why do they do it this way? Not because they can't make it open; because they are greedy

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