Two great *free* events for entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley from Orrick

One of the key components of the Silicon Valley ecosystem is the gang of Valley law firms that serve all the startups and entrepreneurs. These firms go out of their way to be helpful to entrepreneurs (with the hope that you’ll choose them when you start your next company).

The folks over at Orrick invited me to two of their upcoming events. The participants look great, and the events are free, which always warms my frugal heart.

1) The Fundraising Series

A 4-part series on fundraising…if you’ve got a company you’re pitching, you’ll get a chance to get one-on-one coaching followed by actually pitching to some top-tier funds. Tough to pass this up!

Part 1 takes place the morning of April 7th; click here before the end of the week to register!

2) Loving the Cloud

Orrick’s lined up a killer panel on cloud computing, with folks from Google, Microsoft, and SFDC, as well as Mashery and OpSource. Too bad Amazon couldn’t make it.

The cloud panel takes place the morning of April 9th; click here to register.

Disclaimer: I have not been a client of Orrick in the past, though a number of my portfolio companies work with them.

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