Parenting Hack: Pick Your Kids Up From School

One simple hack that can help you balance your work with your family is to take on the primary responsibility for picking up your kids from daycare/aftercare.

I’ve always picked up the kids before 6 PM, which forces me to leave the office.

Anyone who wants me to stay later, I simply tell them, “I get charged $4/minute for every minute I’m late.”

Erecting a hard, consistent boundary trains the other people in your company to respect your schedule.

This post started as a comment on Steve Blank’s post, “Epitaph for an Entrepreneur” which is well worth reading.

2 thoughts on “Parenting Hack: Pick Your Kids Up From School

  1. Chris,
    I can vouch for this technique. It forces some good discipline and others can easily identify the "Per Minute" concept. I mean, nothing but the most expensive luxuries in the world are billed per minute, like those massaging chairs at the airport that nobody is rich enough to actually use.

  2. JJ,

    Glad to get validation from one of my classmates!

    Isn't it funny how the need to be a good dad isn't an acceptable reason, but having to pay $4/minute is.

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