Best. Comic. Ever. (especially for old D&D hacks)

What would happen if “The Lord of the Rings” was a D&D campaign? How would real players react to the endless narration and exposition, the grinding monotony of fighting nothing but orcs, and of course, the utter lack of treasure?

DM of the Rings” provides the answer. It’s a 144-page webcomic, using screen captures from the Lord of the Rings as the source material. It is epic.

Be careful though, it’s addictive. I ended up burning dinner and my wife yelled at me.

5 thoughts on “Best. Comic. Ever. (especially for old D&D hacks)

  1. I played lots of adventures like this. I especially liked the "it's not a town, just a sort of huge house" line.

    My player would be wondering where the dungeon is with the cool swords and such.

    What! That darn Sword of the West is busted! And you need an Elvish smith with 12th level mage skills to reforge it! Darn! I don't have nearly enough gold to pay him; will he accept a slightly used suit of dragon mail armor instead?

    Oh! Cool! The boss mage here at the house will have one of his minions reforge the thing for free. The bad news is I have to fight about eight hundred zillion orcs single-handed with it. But that undead army may come in handy.

  2. That is pure brilliance. Simply pure brilliance. My morning is ruined… Trying to get back to work.

  3. You do realize that you're completely evil. I spent much of last night reading that strip, and I'm only halfway done!

  4. Foo,

    I specifically warned Frans not to start reading "The One Strip" late at night, but he didn't listen.

    I couldn't stop until I had finished the entire strip. Sheer genius.

  5. It's brilliant. However, you missed a great chance to make a VC allegory.

    Like in this strip where the characters don't notice the battle around Minas Tirith is a clear allegory to VCs not noticing the most important use for the company's product. Or the lootless monster is a clear allegory for VCs constantly wanting to make their 10x 🙂

    Or this one which is a clear comparison to the entrepreneur not doing anything important unless he is putting on a great useless show

    Or the ever popular search for hot chicks to show off the new Porsche 911

    … sorry couldn't resist.

    But my wife thanks you from the depths of hell for finding this for me to read. Shamus Young should really publish this in book format! You should see if he will. I would buy a copy!

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