Things I Would Have Tweeted…

…if Twitter weren’t down.

Chris Yeh-ism of the day: “Revolution plays well to early adopters, but the mainstream is looking for solutions, not revolutions.” (from a comment on Oliver Young’s blog)

Great insights from Gil Yehuda: Same people plus same process yields same results. To get different results, you need different people, or a different approach to the problem. Since it’s hard to change the people, work on changing the way they think.

How can we cure the income gap for black men in America? Have them take more math classes. Longitudinal study shows each extra required maths course raised the annual income of black males by 15%.

Another great quote: “Excellence is a form of deviance. You become excellent because you are doing things normal people do not want to do, by choosing a path that is risky, painful, and not appealing to others.”

2 thoughts on “Things I Would Have Tweeted…

  1. Mike Waling

    Thanks for sharing. I love the Robert Quinn quote.

  2. These are good. I would have retweeted some of these.

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