Wanted: Cougar Wingmen for Friday Night in Palo Alto

Perhaps foolishly, I accepted a journalistic assignment to cover the National Single Cougars Convention tomorrow night (Friday) in Palo Alto. So that I would not have to go by myself, I bought tickets for a few cougar-enthusiast friends.

Unfortunately, these friends who will not be named (at least by me) are chickening out, so I find myself with a few extra tickets for the event.

If any of my single friends are interested, I’ve got some free tickets with your name on them.

P.S. The very classy web site for the event notes that hotel rooms are available at a discounted $99/night. In case that helps make up your mind.

3 thoughts on “Wanted: Cougar Wingmen for Friday Night in Palo Alto

  1. If I was still in the Bay Area, I would 100% be in for the experience. Looking forward to the post!


  2. I didn't chicken out! I have to go to NYC. I am VERY sorry to miss this. Should be hilarious!

  3. Don't worry Jackie, it's folks like Ramit who chickened out. But I'm certain I'll have some reliable cougar-bait–er, wingmen, to help me out.

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