Attend The Medici Experience San Jose on 9/24

My old friend Frans Johansson, the author of The Medici Effect, is working with the city of San Jose to bring his innovation workshop to the Bay Area next week.

The Medici Effect refers to the amazing innovations of the Italian Renaissance, sparked by the mingling of disparate cultures and experiences.

I went to Frans’ last Medici event, the Medici Summit in 2008, and it was easily the best conference I’ve ever attended (and I’ve attended a lot). Fun activities, thought-provoking speakers, and brilliant folks from around the world.

To cap it all off, I’ve got a promo code that lets you get in for the $99 student rate instead of the $195 general admissions price.

If innovation and creativity matter to you and your work, you’d be crazy not to go. If you miss it, the next Medici Experience won’t be until 2010, and you’ll have to fly to Trinidad for that one!

Register online at the Medici Experience web site, and use the promo code “SJMEPROMO”.

P.S. Frans is one of the most energetic speakers you’ll ever get a chance to see. If you don’t believe me, check out this video:

Frans Johansson electrifies audiences from The Medici Group on Vimeo.

In one day create a new product/service or find ways to operate more efficiently at The Medici Experience San Jose. Be a part of rebuilding the economic community of San Jose by networking across sectors and creating a new network of colleagues committed to the viability of California.

Attend: The Medici Experience in San Jose, CA
Date: September 24, 2009
200 E. Santa Clara Street, Wing 118-120
San José, CA 95113
9:00am – 5:00pm

The Medici Experience brings you together with people from diverse backgrounds but with one common purpose—to propel you and your organization forward through inspiration and ingenuity. During this intense, day-long workshop, world-renowned innovation expert Frans Johansson will guide you by using existing resources, assets, skills, and relationships to create groundbreaking ideas and to help you make those ideas happen!

This is an interactive live performance in a high-energy environment where you will be pushed to the edge of your creative capabilities, while connecting with people from different industries and companies in an intense explosion of new ideas. By day’s end, the Medici Experience will send you on your way with new tools and strategies for innovation and have you ready to face any challenge. More important, you will leave with specific ideas and the right outlook and plan to pursue them.

Register online at the Medici Experience web site, and use the promo code “SJMEPROMO”.

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