Paragraph of the Day: On Roman Polanski and Justice

“The point is not to keep 76-year-old Polanski off the streets or help his victim feel safe. The point is that drugging and raping a child, then leaving the country before you can be sentenced for it, is behavior our society should not — and at least in theory, does not — tolerate, no matter how famous, wealthy or well-connected you are, no matter how old you were when you finally got caught, no matter what your victim says about it now, no matter how mature she looked at 13, no matter how pushy her mother was, and no matter how many really swell movies you’ve made.”

Kate Harding,

4 thoughts on “Paragraph of the Day: On Roman Polanski and Justice

  1. Meanwhile, on the real kook left, Whoopie thinks this wasn't 'rape' rape, this was just rape… ya know, this is just the common sodomy kind of rape on a 13 year old according to Whoopie … no big deal…

  2. It's sad to know that talent, power, fame, and wealth all precede morals. And it's sad to know that's not too much of a surprise.

    I'm not really one to believe that a wrong doing makes someone a terribly person in all ways, but what bothers me most was Polanski's avoidance of the situation. He admitted and had every opportunity to clear it out of the way. It could have all been done and over with many years ago, and if he did have any true respect for his victim, he would have done it.

  3. Anonymous

    This is blown out of proportion. Tell me of a man, who is being truly sincere, who when looking at a 13-yr old model, who is well developed physically and looks like 18, won't be tempted to have sex with her?

    He didn't do anything super crazy.

    As far as we know, it may or may have not been rape.

    And the girl, who is now a 40 something yr old woman, has stated that she has nothing on him anymore.

    Not to mention, that many women have gotten married at 14 yrs old, and have stayed married happily until death brought them apart. Is that rape too?

    You really want to punish Polanski? Give him a super huge fine. Make half of that fine to go the girl he had sex with, and the other half to an organization that supports the betterment of women.

    But leave the 76 yr old alone. He has a wife, and kids himself now. This would do more harm for his family too. Why would his innocent girls have to suffer for this? No one is benefiting by arresting Polanski. Only harm for his family will be created.

    It is good to step back and see things logically and not get riled up in the emotional words and descriptions of certain segments in the media.

  4. Lock him up and let him starve.

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