Quote of the Day: Gilbert Arenas on Tiger Woods

“Man, I don’t know why everybody’s sitting around here like it’s something new. Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods! It’s not like he looks like Seal. It’s not like he’s not going to have a whole bunch of women. He’s Tiger Woods! I’m surprised 400 girls didn’t come out. It’s Tiger Woods y’all. It’s Tiger Woods man. Did you think no women were going to come out? I was expecting at least 25 by the end of this week.”

Gilbert Arenas

I don’t think Gil will be getting any Christmas cards from Seal this year.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day: Gilbert Arenas on Tiger Woods

  1. and yet Seal's the baby daddy to 2 kids to that super-model who's always been smoking hot. go figure.

  2. Nice..:). I am full time housewife.. but i make over $100 per day during my free time! Want to know the secret..? I tell you how..


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