Are Millenials self-absorbed punks, or are we just jealous?

Are Millenials self-absorbed punks, or are we just jealous? If I had a dollar for every story I read about today’s coddled, entitled youth…I’d probably have enough money for a real blog design. In other words, the topic comes up a lot, usually from geezers like me. Just check out this lengthy article from the New York Times (plaintively titled, “What Is It About 20-Somethings?”) that asks whether “Emerging Adulthood” is a valid stage of life, or simply another case of secondary affluenza.

I must admit that I’ve been tempted to whip out the punk label from time to time, but I’m starting to feel like it’s largely a matter of jealousy.

I recently heard from a young fellow I know who apologized for taking a while to respond to one of my messages. “Sorry,” he said, “I’ve been doing a lot of promotion for a blog post, and my boss was in a bad mood.”

On the one hand, I sympathize with the boss, who is probably a geezer like me who remembers when young people who worked focused on their work, rather than on growing their list of Twitter followers. But on the other hand, if I had the same opportunities, would I behave differently?

When I was 21, my main concern after work was getting a date. Only professional journalists wrote articles, and it was a busy week if I spoke with more than five out of town friends.

Now, my 21-year-old friends have thousands of Twitter followers, hundreds of friends around the world, and have been building a personal brand since they were 12. Should I be surprised that they act differently?

One geezer’s self-absorbtion is another Millenial’s rational self-interest. Just as we no longer expect to marry at 15 and work in the fields until we die, who is to say that the expectations of youth are wrong or even undesirable?

Heck, I know that they are desirable, because I tell people all the time, “I envy today’s youth.” (More specifically, I envy Ben Casnocha, but then again, who doesn’t?)

Sports may be the aspect of our society that is most obsessed with and protective of the past–just look at the interminable hand-wringing debates over steroids and baseball’s home run records–yet even there, the envy comes out. As Charles Barkley put it, after hearing that Dirk Nowitzki was going to opt out of a $21 million annual salary to get an even bigger contract, “Mama, why did you have to get pregnant so young!”

Ultimately, “Because I didn’t get to do it!” is an unconvincing argument for why today’s youth should forgo opportunities we didn’t have.

That being said guys, stop living with your parents. It’s seriously creepy to bring dates home when Mom and Dad are sitting on the couch.

3 thoughts on “Are Millenials self-absorbed punks, or are we just jealous?

  1. Know how I found your site? We are selling our family home in SF, near SF State, and I was snooping on the realtor's progress, i.e., has he put the ad online yet? (He is, shall we say, a Baby Boomer and late to these here Interwebs.)

    Well, you know how it goes — one search begets another, which steers toward a tributary, wherein we stumble upon….Oh, ..Lookie here, a blog post headlined, "I Hate San Francisco."

    So of course I had to read it.

    I am a native, tho I've lived on the East Coast for more than a decade now. But honestly? I GET what you wrote in that I Hate SF post back in '06….even though I don't HATE my hometown, I do feel anxious and quite blue whenever I return. For too many reasons to recount here….

    In any event, I am now grazing through your more recent musings. I am finding them quite enjoyable, thank you very much.

    Keep them coming, please, we like.

    Amy Alexander
    Lincoln HS '81
    SF State University, '85/'89

  2. Jason

    By the way, I'm the young fellow mentioned in the post. And my boss is young – in fact the same age as me! Since I work at a startup, I sometimes feel like I need to be putting more hours/energy into it, which was why it took me a while to respond to Chris's message.

    But to answer the post's title question – we are a little self-absorbed and you *should* be a little jealous. =)

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