The True Meaning Of Customer Value

So often, we think about customers from an MBA perspective. Segments. Churn. Life-time value. But when we think about value, we think about their value to us as businesses. We need to turn it around and think about how we can add value to their lives. Only if we add value to their lives will they be willing to share that value with us (i.e. pay us). To be successfully selfish, be selfless.(originally a comment on this post from Paul Greenberg)

1 thought on “The True Meaning Of Customer Value

  1. It seems that one of the hardest thing for humans is to see things from others' perspectives.

    But the more time and effort we put into genuinely and creatively doing this, the less time we expend being consumed by worry and self-doubt.

    Curiously, happiness is bound to follow…

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