Money is not the answer

The US spends more on healthcare than any other nation. We spend more on education than all but Switzerland. Yet the results we get are poor because our approach is wrong. So why would things be any different for your average startup?

Money is a turbo booster. It allows you to get to your destination faster, but if you’re on the road to perdition, all it does is get you to disaster faster.

First make sure you’re on the right track, then add money.

1 thought on “Money is not the answer

  1. It' a stark contrast between the comments on this excellent post (only mine) vs. the one on the generally observational post "RSS is dead" – which at current count offers 19 comments (the popular culture crowd strikes again).

    The RSS commentators are the 'add money now, find the right track later' crowd … up in arms that your opinion is contrary to popular thought – even though you are 100% spot on correct and the proof is right in front of them (but then most things die when people aren't in the mind to notice – Blockbuster anyone?, Myspace anyone? anyone? Newspapers anyone?) …

    Few can see transformational shifts ahead of the curve – but those that can are able to find the "right track BEFORE simply throwing money at something".

    If the old saying is "put your money where your mouth is" I'd like to see ANYONE who commented on the RSS article actually invest in a TRADITIONAL RSS company as we all understand them.

    They wouldn't do it! lol… it would be a disaster if they did.

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