The TechCrunch Paradox

In the beginning, you read TechCrunch because it covered stuff other people didn’t.

Now, you read TechCrunch because it covers stuff everyone else is covering.

Both make sense, yet are diametrical opposites. Discuss!

3 thoughts on “The TechCrunch Paradox

  1. I've been enjoying reading – reminds me of very early TC.

  2. all this says to me is, it's time for a new TechCrunch … a place where you read stuff like you used to read at TechCrunch.

    (whomever starts it can send me my check in the mail)

  3. Everybody else reads TechCrunch and retweets the articles that are of any importance. Means more time to read the more interesting 2-3 post a week blogs that have a personal experience and advice slant over virtual journalism.

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