Twitter’s Dark Side

Because Twitter is perfect for crack-like bursts, it becomes all too easy to procrastinate the things that require more time. How many times have you told yourself you’d just check your feed for five minutes…and found yourself shaking your head an hour later?

On the other hand, if you do have the willpower to put down the crack pipe–er, Twitter client–and work on more substantive issues, you can stand out from your weaker-willed peers.

2 thoughts on “Twitter’s Dark Side

  1. I can attest. I deleted facebook/twitter apps from my phone, and have seen incredible uptick in productivity and decrease in distraction. Ironically, I post more on facebook now that I only go there when I have something to say to someone. I kind of forgot they were tools for communicating and can be used as such with minimal signal loss but huge reduction in cognitive noise!

  2. Hi Chris,
    Twitter and Facebook are like Tabloid Newspapers you can read through them so long and you have to put them away. Otherwise your mind will be filled with Junk and anything you learned from them will be forgotten.

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