Appreciating The Internet

When I was a basketball-loving kid, I’d eagerly await the arrival of the Los Angeles Times each morning so I could check the box scores and find out what happened in the NBA the night before.

If I wanted to watch slam dunks, I’d need to dig out a worn-out VHS tape of Michael Jordan’s “Come Fly With Me“.

Today, Google Reader brings me stories from a host of basketball-devoted blogs whenever I want. And when I see a poll asking, “Who’s the best dunker in the NBA right now?” (Blake Griffin, of course) I can instantly pull up a video of his Top 10 dunks from the previous season, in HD, no less.

As I say early and often, “Thank goodness for the Internet.” Kids today have no idea how much better their lives are.

2 thoughts on “Appreciating The Internet

  1. Anonymous

    Are kids lucky when they are faced with internet bullying? You can't pick and choose all the good without also addressing the bad.

  2. Anonymous,

    There are definite dark sides to the Internet, including bullying, the tendency for people to wallow in their own beliefs and many others.

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