Why Wait?

When I’m at the Palo Alto Farmer’s Market on Sunday mornings, I often see the usually-well-groomed residents of my affluent town looking very different. Stubble and baseball caps abound.

It seems so natural…which is exactly why we should question it.

Why don’t we get dressed immediately when we wake up? Why do we wait until the day is well underway?

After mulling it over and not coming up with any good answers, I decided to change my morning routine. Now, right after I get up, I shave, brush my teeth, wash my face, comb my hair, and get into my day clothes.

I feel great. I’m more awake, I’m readier for the day, and there’s no chance that some entrepreneur will see me at the Farmer’s Market and think, “Man, that guy is a slob.”

Now I’m on the lookout for other such opportunities. Can you think of any other ways you can profitably substitute immediate action for procrastination?

6 thoughts on “Why Wait?

  1. In a place as image-conscious as Palo Alto, I kind of like seeing people letting go and looking a little too casual on weekend mornings. I'm not talking about people wearing pajamas in public (WTF!), but baseball caps and old college sweatshirts with slip-on Converse is a welcome change from polos and khakis. (Plus, five o'clock shadow on guys is hot!) I also like seeing women running errands in their gym clothes or jeans. Being willing to be seen without all the facade in place is a sign of confidence (when it's not a sign that you've totally let yourself go, which these particular men and women have not).

    Ever since I was about 11 years old, I never left the house without makeup or without curling my hair and primping, because "What if I run into my future husband out there?" There were phases of my life where, if I couldn't summon up the will to get "dolled up" (as my grandmother put it), I would just stay home and isolate. For some, they go out looking so casual because they might not otherwise leave the house!

  2. You and the 50-something, southern, stay-at-home moms… 🙂


    That site as a whole actually re-brands a lot of business "productivity" advice for moms (mostly ones who don't work outside the home).

  3. See, people in the south do it different … we dress up on the weekend – think Sam Walton, 🙂 … it's called 'Sunday best' for a reason … cause the rest of the week you wear what ya got.

    And Allison, one of my very best friends helps the Flylady. Ms. Flylady has done quite well for herself in the niche, one I believe she created from scratch.

  4. I've known a number of women who grew up in the South, and it is definitely the case that makeup and primping is part of their routine–even when heading to the swimming pool in a bikini!

  5. haha @Chris … you're talking a different GENDER man! You can't throw a curve ball like that in there – of COURSE those southern woman like to look good always – ever seen Designing Women? ha!

    But ya know what? Us guys like those ballcap, blue jean, boot wearing, top down, no makeup, jeep driving girls – not that pre-made princesses with a cake on their face.

  6. CptObv

    You get ready right after you wake up during the work week. It's ok to linger a bit on the weekends and enjoy the restive state that Sundays often elicit. QED

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