Sleep Deprivation = Drunkenness

I read this doozy of a paragraph in a story in Inc on “Sleep & Productivity”:

“Lose just one night’s sleep and your cognitive capacity is roughly the same as being over the alcohol limit. Yet we regularly hail as heroes the executives who take the red eye, jump into a rental car, and zoom down the highway to the next meeting. Would we, I wonder, be so impressed if they arrived drunk?”

Note the perfect use of the jarring juxtaposition. It’s a master stroke, much like Seth Godin calling for “global warming” to be renamed “climate cancer.”

Needless to say, I’m a big champion of sleep. And since I’m still sick with a cold, I took a 12-minute nap on my famed afternoon sleeping cot earlier this afternoon!

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  1. Anonymous

    Are your employees also welcome to take naps on the job?

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