Reverse Demo Day (Thursday, February 23)

By now the rituals of Demo Day are familiar. The opportunities are great both for startups to tell their story, and for investors to see a lot of deals in a very short time. So why wouldn’t the reverse be true? Introducing the Valley’s first Reverse Demo Day, where the investors sell themselves to entrepreneurs. Inspired by Betaworks‘ and AOL’s New York VC Demo Day, I’m working with Orrick’s TOTAL ACCESS program to hold a Reverse Demo Day.This event puts angel investors on stage and gives them up to five minutes to deliver their elevator pitch to entrepreneurs. (The succinct can take less time if they wish)
For startups, it’s the perfect opportunity to get a better sense of some of the names you always see on AngelList. Remember, you can fire employees, but you can’t fire your investors. If you’re an angel investor and want to be one of the speaker, please see below for details. Date: Thursday, February 23, 2012
Time: 9:00 am – 11:00 am (registration starts at 8 AM)
Location: Orrick’s Silicon Valley Office (1100 Marsh Road, Menlo Park, CA)

>>Register to attend<<

Are you an accredited investor who’d like to present? Please email Joyce Chuang at and include your AngelList profile.
If you have any questions regarding the event, please feel free to contact Chad Lynch at
Big thanks to Jeff Clavier and Dave McClure who stepped up and volunteered to anchor the event!P.S. Like this concept? Upvote it on HackerNews.

2 thoughts on “Reverse Demo Day (Thursday, February 23)

  1. Cool idea. And since there's only one Thursday left in February 2012, I take it you mean Thursday the 23rd.

  2. Er, obviously I completely missed the title, just saw "Date: Thursday, February, 2012" in the body…m

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