Startup Idea: Podcastagram

Here’s the latest startup idea I’m offering to the world. As usual, you get what you pay for.

1) After years of false starts (Odeo anyone?), podcasting is finally turning the corner and becoming mainstream.

2) Despite this fact, it’s still a major pain to start a podcast. There is no WordPress or Blogger of podcasting.

3) The ideal tool for podcasting already exists–it’s called a smartphone. Today’s smartphones can easily accommodate the storage requirements for recording a podcast.

4) Instagram has shown the incredible power of a simple interface that lets you share with your friends.

Put it all together, and you get Podcastagram. It’s a simple smartphone app that makes podcasting as easy as sharing a photo. Simply install the app, select a name for your podcast, and start broadcasting.

Sure, it won’t replace a professional podcasting setup with microphones and tricasters, but for hobbyists, it should do just fine.

Any takers?

5 thoughts on “Startup Idea: Podcastagram

  1. just build on top of soundcloud, no?

  2. Yes, it should clearly be built on top of SoundCloud. SoundCloud is a great service, but it needs a drop-dead simple app for non-technical users.

  3. Instagram fed people's ego by making crappy photographers look like awesome ones in front of their facebook friends using clever filters. Unfortunately, there's no way to make a bullshit speaker sound like an awesome one.

  4. blue_mooose,

    Good point on the lack of an "interesting" filter for audio. Sadly, most people aren't great broadcasters.

  5. Francesco

    Spreaker does exactly this. Also enables live broadcasting (and connects to SoundCloud and others).

    Spreaker for iPhone

    Robert Scoble has started using it as well

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