Business Idea: Truly Trusted Communication

I was reading a BuzzFeed piece on the proliferation of notifications (, when I was struck by a business idea:

What if you provided a truly trusted means of electronic communication?  This tool would require you to specifically grant communications privileges to specific people or data sources, and probably impose a strict limit on the number of sources.

(In many ways, this sounds a bit like Path, but more oriented towards messaging)

Right now, my most trusted communication medium is the text message–it is both instantaneous and rare enough such that the signal to noise ratio is high.  Yet the issue is that anyone with your telephone number can message you.

Imagine instead a tool which pushed notifications to your desktop and mobile devices (like MightyText), but only from specific individuals (another similar service, albeit just for email: AwayFind).

It would be used solely for communications, as opposed to the Twitter/Facebook broadcast model, and you could rely on your messages being presented instantly, with the maximum chance of getting read.

Like Path, you would be limited to specific number of connections (10? 25?) so that every message would count.

Does anyone know if this startup already exists?

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