What every investor thinks about your startup…but isn’t willing to say

I loved Sam Altman’s post on 95 pieces of great startup advice:

The whole piece is a must-read for entrepreneurs, but I want to highlight one particular item:

“9. In the current pivot-happy world, good ideas are
underweight.  It’s worth the time to
think through a good one.”

I’ve discussed this point with a ton of my fellow investors, both angels and VCs, and we all agree: It’s amazing how many awesome teams of founders are working on dumb ideas.

Sadly, it’s tough for us to deliver this message.  Entrepreneurs don’t want to hear, “We love you, but your startup idea sucks donkeys.  Want to try something else?”

The only reason that an entrepreneur makes it to an investor meeting is their relentless focus and dedication to their idea.  No one wants to hear that their baby is ugly.

But that doesn’t stop it from being true.

You’re about to spend a significant chunk of the best years of your life on your idea–it’s worth taking the time to think of a good one!

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