Do Or Do Not

Life is too damn short, and there is always too much to do.

None of us has time to waste (especially entrepreneurs), though we always have to decide how to spend it.

The ideal, at which I often fail, is to act decisively and intentionally.

Or to put it another way, do or do not.

Do tackle the hard problems you face, whether in your life or your startup.

Do spend time on the things you love.

Do not waste time on things that don’t matter.

Do not allow others to decide things for you.

It’s not easy to be decisive and intentional.  There are times when I’m tired and my brain doesn’t feel like deciding what to have for dinner, let alone making important business or life decisions.

It’s so easy to move my mouse just a couple of inches to my bookmark for Facebook, and lose myself in the fake activity of reading my friends’ updates and commenting on things that strike my fancy.

And there’s nothing wrong with doing that.  But if you do, choose to do it, and choose how long to do it.

Reading Facebook is fine.  Watching TV is fine.  Browsing Amazon is fine.  But make the decision to do it; don’t just fall into it.  Don’t feel guilty.  Do suck every drop of pleasure out of it, so you can recharge yourself to tackle things that do matter.

Do or do not, but make sure the choice is yours.

1 thought on “Do Or Do Not

  1. good post Chris. It's always good to have a reminder to focus on our highest ROI activities.

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