Write or do not; there is no try

As I’ve written in the past, a writer is someone who writes:

While this definition seems simplistic and circular, it has the advantage of being correct.  Here is a long list of things you can do that don’t make you a writer:

1. Think about what to write.
2. Read what other people write.
3. Talk about what you’re going to write.
4. Take a class to learn how to write.
5. Think of a title for the novel you’re going to write.
6. Think about what you’ll say to Oprah when she wants you to talk about the novel you’re going to write.

I think you get the picture.   No matter what else you do, you have to sit down at a keyboard and start typing.

Pretty simple, eh?

Now go back and re-read this piece, and instead of “write,” substitute whatever it is you want to accomplish.

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