Life as a Startup Barber

One of the popular expressions used by investors is “How much hair is on the deal?”

A hairy deal includes messy complications, like a product that hasn’t yet found a market, or inexperienced founders.

Some investors shy away from hairy deals.

I, on the other hand, have decided to ply my trade as a startup barber.

When I work with startups and entrepreneurs, my role is to help them figure out how to shave the hair off their deal.

Shaving the hair off a deal isn’t always fun.  In fact, it’s usually hard unpleasant work, like reading legal documents and negotiating settlements.

Again, that’s a good thing for me, because that means there aren’t that many people who are willing to do it.

The people who walk through my door don’t have Mitt Romney hair.  It’s more likely that they have 80s-hair-metal hair.  It may seem like an impossible task to tame those unruly locks.  But the way you shave the hair is the same as anything else–start as soon as you can, and keep going until you’re done.

Rock on.

1 thought on “Life as a Startup Barber

  1. Great metaphor. Good motivation for startup entrepreneurs who feels hesitant to put their ideas into reality. If the entrepreneur is hesitant to start due to financial reasons, there will always be angel investors, like iSeed willing to fund brilliant startups.

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