The Power of Knowing Where To Start

Each night, I wash the dishes for my family.

Some nights, the sink is fairly empty, and it’s easy.

Other times, the sink is overflowing with dirty dishes, and it’s tough to work up the motivation to get started.

But what allows me to get the job done every night is that I know where to start.

No matter how full the sink, I always start by washing the kid’s mugs.

There’s no magic to that order; it happens to work with how I stack the dishes, but I could do it differently.

But knowing where to start eliminates one the main barriers to getting started.  And once I’m started, it’s far easier to keep going.

Maybe you have dishes that you have to wash in your life, or at your startup.  Figure out where to start and stick to it, and you’ll spend a lot less time working up motivation, and a lot more getting things done.

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