Come with me to Doha this October (all expenses paid)

Back in 2017, I worked with the Qatar Science and Technology Park (QSTP) to run week-long program for entrepreneurs to visit Doha, look for great technologies to commercialize, and walk away with as much as $500K in seed funding from the Qatar Technology Venture Fund to launch a new startup. Things went so well, we’re doing it again, from October 13-18.

The QSTP has lots of technologies in its labs around which entrepreneurs can build startups, thanks to a massive investment in hiring the best computer science researchers from around the globe.  The “Research To Startup Program” lets entrepreneurs from anywhere in the world apply to spend a week in Doha checking out the technologies, meeting the researchers, and getting mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and investors like yours truly. You can read up on all the details here. And if you do license a technology and accept seed funding, you can locate the company anywhere; there is no requirement to set up the business or reside in Qatar.

This is an all-expenses paid trip, including airfare, accommodations, and a bunch of fun activities in Doha. Personally, I really enjoyed the amazing collection at the Museum of Islamic Art. You can read all about my experiences at the 2017 program here.

Since we’re only accepting about a dozen entrepreneurs into the program, your odds of receiving an investment are very good! Plus, even if you don’t find a technology you love, you still get to spend a week in Doha with yours truly and other similarly fun and helpful mentors.

If you’re available to travel to Doha October 13-18, you can apply on the Research To Startup Program website here:

Or go directly to the application form here:

Be sure to mention that you were referred by Wasabi Venture Global and your good buddy Chris Yeh so that I can stack the deck in your favor evaluate the effectiveness of my outreach efforts!

UPDATE: You can read more about the available technologies here.

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