Achilles Tendon Recovery: 7.75 month update

When I checked in three weeks ago, I was just starting to hop and attempt a light jog. In the past three weeks, I’ve been exercising like mad (when I wasn’t busy traveling to Dubai and India) to get ready for my physical therapy appointment today. I’ve even felt good enough to shoot a basketball at the gym, even though calling them “jump” shots is a bit of a stretch. More like “Laimbeer” shots.

The good new is that my therapist thinks I’m making good progress, and remain on track for a full recovery. While, as usual, I’ve been doing some of my exercises wrong (not taking enough time on my eccentric heel raises, not bending my knees enough on my jumps), I’m still improving. One measure to watch is my ability to do one-legged heel raises; I can do 17 in a row on my good leg, and 8 on my injured leg–the goal is to get them to be equally strong.

My recovery also shows up in my ability to run. Last time, I used the AlterG treadmill to run on 50% of my weight for 10 minutes. This time, I ran at 70% for 7 minutes, 75% for 2 minutes, and 80% for one final minute. I could feel the strain (I doubt I could run the whole time at 80%) but it was still promising progress.

My next physical therapy appointment will be on March 13, after my London trip, but before my Germany trip. Wish me luck and continued progress!

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